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Insurers Shouldn’t Get to Set Fees for Treatments They Don’t Cover

This spring, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced bills in both the House and Senate that would ban what’s called noncovered services provisions in agreements between dentists and insurance carriers.
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Dental Insurance Gets a Bad Rap. Here Are 3 Reasons Why it Can Help Your Practice Anyway.

These days, it seems like nobody is happy with dental insurance. We’ve criticized it plenty ourselves — echoing complaints from dentists frustrated with declining payouts.
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What’s the Most Expensive Thing in a Dental Office?

Pop quiz: What’s the most expensive thing in a dental office — and more importantly, why should you care?
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AI Can Help You Reduce New Patient Cancellations. Here’s How.

Same-day cancellations are the bane of your practice’s schedule. You think that you’re fully booked — only to get a last-minute phone call from a new patient who tells you that they’re not going to make it in after all.
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Implant Dentists Shouldn’t Do Telehealth. Here’s Why.

We’re big fans of telehealth. If you can see a doctor without having to struggle through traffic, find a place to park, sit in a crowded waiting room, and then battle traffic again on the back end, well, that sounds good in our book.
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Notes on Facing Change

We’re excited by many of the changes we see coming down the pipeline. Artificial intelligence, especially, has caught our eye and we’re genuinely curious to find out what may spring from an AI revolution that feels like it’s only just beginning.
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