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Brief notes on thriving in the dental industry

We’re Loving IV Vitamin B12

One thing we’ve been having fun with lately? Trying IV drips of vitamin B12.
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Feel Stuck as a Dental Professional? Try Coaching.

One dental industry trend we appreciate: Hygienists and other support professionals who are leveling up their careers by moving into coaching.
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Dentist… or Dental Entrepreneur?

Dentistry is unusual among healthcare professions because the default option for a new dentist remains solo practice. Unlike MDs, who typically work within a hospital system or a large group practice, dentists often hang out their own shingle after graduating.
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Everyone Needs to Unplug Sometimes

We get as wired in as anyone. Between work, play, and simply looking for distraction, we’ll be the first to admit how easy it is to spend many hours a day staring at a screen.
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Don’t Make This Rookie Mistake When Marketing Your Dental Practice

So, we’re not lawyers. Not even close. But we’ve seen enough practice owners make this one simple marketing mistake that we want to throw up a warning sign — because making it can lead to legal trouble (or worse, perhaps, getting sanctioned by your licensing board).
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Finding Value in Frustrating Work

Raise your hand if you love every single part of your job. Yeah, we didn’t think so.
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