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Are Your Patients Using Marijuana to Ease Their Dental Anxiety?

So, this caught our eye. Based on a nationwide survey by the ADA, 52 percent of dentists share that they have patients who show up high on marijuana or another drug.
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Why is Dental Tech So Hard to Deal With?

We recently hosted four dental tech CEOs (well, technically three CEOs and one founder) on Dental Rift. Naturally, the conversation turned to PMS platforms and the all-important question: Will there ever be a single app to take care of everything a dental practice needs?
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Your Website Isn’t Going to Bring You Patients — Unless…

Too many dentists make the mistake of investing in a new website and expecting that to generate new patients.
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Are You a Dentist or a CEO?

Let’s say you’re an ambitious dentist who owns two or three locations but wants more.
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Tired of Dealing With Insurance? Don’t Drop It All at Once.

Most dentists we know are frustrated with insurance.
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How to Get More Out of Your KPIs

If you manage or own a dental practice, we hope you’re keeping an eye on your KPIs.
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