Episode 27

You Might Not Know Your Practice Does This…

Gary and Tanner host the Dentist Agent himself, Ron Brush, for a no-holds-barred discussion about the growing influence of private equity in dentistry (good, bad, or something in between?), how emerging DSOs should tackle recruiting, and why practices should embrace transparency as essential when appealing to top job candidates.

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Episode 26

What Disneyland Taught Us About Customer Service

Gary and Tanner discuss how to create a magical, Disneyland-like experience at a dental office (and why that matters!), plus get into AI automation and that most loaded of questions: “Will you pick me up from the airport?”.

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Episode 25

We Got Access To The New ChatGPT Bing Browser…

Gary and Tanner tackle biohacking and IV vitamin drips, why they’re excited to use the new Bing search engine with AI, and the ethics of using AI in school.

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Episode 24

ChatGPT Will Change Search Engines Forever…

Gary and Tanner discuss how ChatGPT is changing search engines, plus how to think about dental salaries.

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Episode 23

The Solution To The AI Takeover?

Gary and Tanner dive into the ethics of working a second job on top of a $100K remote salary, what dentists earn in private practice vs. working for a DSO, and the future of AI.

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Episode 22

This is What Society Will Look Like in 5 years…

Gary and Tanner talk about racking up 2.5 million views on Instagram Reels, how ChatGPT is influencing content creation, and why scheduling patients in a timely manner is a problem not just in dental, but all of healthcare.

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