Episode 85

Are Dentists Delusional?

Gary and Tanner tackle why some dentists fall into the trap of prioritizing only clinical skills, plus what to make of the epidemic of burnout in healthcare.
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Episode 84

What Kaiser’s Investments Mean in Dental

The guys tackle the uncomfortable parallels between Boeing’s corporate failures and the dental industry, plus Kaiser’s big investment in dental and how much x-ray costs vary by state.
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Episode 83

Hack on Change Healthcare: What You MUST Know!

Gary and Tanner discuss whether the ADA has lost sight of its core mission, plus check in about day 33 of the Change Healthcare hack and why there may be light at the end of the tunnel for dentists struggling with the Great Hygienist Shortage. 
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Episode 82

Who Cussed Out Gary?

The guys tackle how the Change Healthcare hack continues to hurt practices, the sudden growth of Unify, and why one full-arch dentist had some choice words for Gary.
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Episode 81

Dental Facebook Groups are Toxic

The gang share their thoughts on whether dental Facebook groups are toxic, plus dental care in the UK and what happened when a Florida dental assistant was accused of sexual assault.
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Episode 80

$100 Million Dental Healthcare HACK

The guys talk about whether the Oscars are just politics, plus why some dentists are rethinking their security needs and why the Change Healthcare hack still hasn’t been resolved.
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