Episode 54

Big Picture View of Your Patient’s Experience

The guys talk about hosting a dental marketing event during a hurricane, what’s up with ChatGPT Enterprise, and why Gary’s company is building the first-ever CRM that’s just for dentists.
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Episode 53

Is AI Helpful or Harmful for Dentistry?

Gary and Tanner share the newest ways in which AI is changing dental, plus talk about DSOs making the INC 5000 list and which market Michael Burry — who predicted the 2008 subprime mortgage collapse — is now betting against.
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Episode 52

Are Dentists Getting Paid Less?

Gary and Tanner tackle why GP salaries have been falling for the past year, plus why segmentation is the future of dental marketing and how AI is creating terrifying new opportunities for spam.
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Special Episode: 1st Year Anniversary

Dental Rift is Turning 1. Here’s What We’ve Learned So Far.

On this special episode of Dental Rift, Gary and Tanner interview FOUR dental tech CEOs (well, technically three CEOs and one founder) about the future of PMS software and their experiences chasing the holy grail of one platform to do everything a practice needs. Rick Collison and Dr. Rania Saleh of Oryx Dental Software, Eric Giesecke of Planet DDS, and Abilash Krishna of CareStack are all in the house, so buckle up!
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Episode 51

What We Learned from Kai Cenat

The guys talk about the dentists who are taking their DSO to court for diluting equity, plus the PlayStation giveaway that turned into a riot and what room temperature superconducting could mean for our world.
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Episode 50

Did Elon Musk Just Kill Twitter?

Gary and Tanner recap Dykema, plus dig into Twitter’s rebrand, why a toothbrush company asked to be taken off the NASDAQ, and that viral video about why suicide rates in dental may be higher than average.
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