Episode 75

EXPOSED: Profits Over Patients

Gary and Tanner dig into whether too many dentists are doing unnecessary treatment, plus how dental problems killed former NFL wide receiver Mike Williams and Gary’s big news about the Denobi Awards.
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Episode 74

Are Dentists Actually Big Money Launders?

Gary and Tanner debate whether new anti-money laundering laws are worth the trouble they’re causing for dentists, plus whether Apple’s new Vision Pro is worth buying and what to make of the big Delta Dental data breach.
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Episode 73

The Impact of Baby Boomers Retiring on Dental

Gary and Tanner talk about why 10,000 baby boomers retiring every day is such a big deal for dental, how Medicare may change in response, and what it all means for full-arch dentists in particular.
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Episode 72

These Dentists Did WHAT?

Gary and Tanner talk about the two men caught sexually assaulting patients while practicing dentistry without a license, whether people are always doing their best, and whether it makes sense for dentists and MDs to practice together.
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Episode 71

The Rise and Fall of SmileDirectClub

Gary and Tanner tackle the biggest dental story of the last 12 months — why SmileDirectClub went bankrupt, how many patients were affected, and why it represents an opportunity for dentists.
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Episode 70

Why Does Delaware Have No Dentists?

Gary and Tanner recap All-On-Sales, plus tackle which five states have the fewest dentists per capita, how to get better at team training, and why AI and ortho make for a bad mix.
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