We’re Loving IV Vitamin B12

One thing we’ve been having fun with lately? Trying IV drips of vitamin B12.

Now, more often than not, we’re running on coffee. The entrepreneur’s go-to, right?

But sometimes coffee just doesn’t get the job done. Either you end up too jittery and can’t concentrate, or when you’re 4 or 5 cups in, you start to hit diminishing returns.

Enter B12 drips. They give you an instant boost of energy and help replenish your body’s overall supply of B vitamins, which are essential to good health.

Plus, we’re happy to report that you feel amazing after.

(Note: we don’t sell B12 or anything. We’re just fans!)

To level up further, we’ve also tried adding a coenzyme called NAD alongside the B12. In our experience, this offers major help with focusing in the face of even the busiest day.

We like to think of it as a cheat code for entrepreneurs.

(And now back to your regularly scheduled dental-themed programming.)

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