Why 2023 is the Year of the Dental Marketer

Well, we made it through another trip around the sun. And as the last glow of the holidays fades behind us, we’re ready to make our bold prediction for the new year:

2023 is going to be the year of the dental marketer. 

Now, more than ever, dentists and group practice leaders are going to need to invest in smart marketing in order to generate the consistent stream of new patients they need.


First, because the economy still feels a little shaky. Up to 50 percent of dental patients are delaying treatment due to financial insecurity — which means that in addition to coming up with fresh ideas about how to make paying for treatment more feasible, dentists will need to use marketing to make up for the dip in their rate of scheduled appointments.

But the financial pressures for dentists don’t stop there. Salaries for everyone from associates to hygienists to support professionals have all shot up significantly over the past few years. 

While this is a boon for team members, practice owners continue to face additional pressure to cover higher payrolls — pressure that can only be alleviated by bringing in enough patients to make ends meet.

There is no doubt that these dynamics pose a challenge. But we see this situation as a potential win-win for dental marketers and practice leaders alike. 

Marketers, of course, have a tremendous opportunity to grow their client lists. Meanwhile, practices that make the choice to build up their marketing now will have the advantage over their more cautious competitors who choose to keep their powder dry and wait for the economy to heat up again. 

Market share is up for the taking — and will belong to the dentists who act now to claim it. Zig when others zag and you’ll find yourself coming out ahead more often than not.

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