Here’s Why You Want to Feel out of Your Comfort Zone at Work

So, this one feels like a hot take, but please, bear with us. Despite what you may think, you want to feel out of your comfort zone at work.

Here’s why.

If you feel completely comfortable in your job, that also means that you’re probably not being pushed to grow. There’s nothing moving you to stretch your skills, step outside of your comfort zone — even a little — or evolve in your capabilities.

If you’re completely comfortable, you’re probably also stagnant.

That’s why a little bit of discomfort is something to appreciate. (It should go without saying that we’re talking about the kind of discomfort that motivates you to grow, not behavior that crosses professional or ethical boundaries.)

If you’re in a work environment that challenges you, you’re almost certainly going to feel a little bit uncomfortable, at least sometimes. But you’re also going to learn, improve, and open your mind to new possibilities — and potentially, unlock new levels of your career while you’re at it.

Think of it like going to the gym. Yeah, it’s not going to be fun, especially when you first start out, but stick with it and you’ll almost certainly be pleased with the results.

And one day you’ll look back and realize that thing that felt so challenging is now part of your daily routine. Then, maybe, you’ll even find yourself looking out for the next thing.

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