Notes on Facing Change

We’re excited by many of the changes we see coming down the pipeline. Artificial intelligence, especially, has caught our eye and we’re genuinely curious to find out what may spring from an AI revolution that feels like it’s only just beginning.

But we also want to take a moment to say that things are moving very fast right now — and we get it if it all feels like a lot.

Yes, change is perhaps the most constant part of life. Nothing stays still. Everything — from the atoms in our bodies to the stars in the sky to the thoughts rushing through our minds — is constantly shifting, always in motion.

We can’t run away from that, however much we might sometimes wish otherwise.

But we can be honest and say that navigating change isn’t always easy. And then we can be gentle with ourselves and those around us as we walk through the quicksand beneath our feet.

Whatever our differences, we all face change together. And as we do, a little tenderness can make all the difference. 

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