Want to Lower Your No-Show Rate? Try Teledentistry!

Many dentists are skeptical of teledentistry. We get that — no one thinks that lowering clinical standards in favor of a fly-by-night approach is a good idea.

But where teledentistry can shine is as an adjunct to traditional dentistry. In fact, incorporating teledentistry technology can help you lower your no-show rates and increase patient engagement with the real thing.

Why? Smart use of teledentistry does three things: boosts patient confidence, develops relationships, and lowers barriers to care.

Let’s say you’re contacted by a patient who wants veneers. You can schedule a consultation, sure, but if another dentist can see them first, you’ve probably missed out.

But ask them to take a quick photo of their teeth — and then use that to send them a custom image showing how your veneers could improve their smile?

All of a sudden, you’ve made treatment more appealing because you’ve shown the patient a personalized result. You’ve also established the beginnings of a relationship because instead of that first conversation being about appointment availability, you’re already discussing how you can help them.

Even better, that sort of initial engagement can happen on the patient’s schedule, not yours. This means that a patient will be less likely to choose a doctor based solely on their openings — and more likely to follow up for an in-person consultation when they can, because again, they’re already invested.

It’s healthy to question new changes in the industry. But in our view, teledentistry can help dentists do a better job of getting patients into chairs.

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