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Success Starts With Failure

Here at Dental Rift, we’re big fans of a book called The Talent Code. Written by Daniel Coyle, The Talent Code breaks down some of the major factors that lead to success and achievement.
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Is Dental Ready for Robots?

One trend we’re eyeing with fascination may not be quite ready for primetime, but could represent a seismic shift in dental over the next decade or so. What’s that, you ask? Robot-assisted surgeries.
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Hygiene Offices: Brilliant or Just a Fad?

One dental trend we’ve noticed more of lately: hygiene offices. If you’re not familiar, a hygiene office is a dental practice that, well, only does hygiene appointments.
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Facing Up to Uncertainty

Like many in the business community, we followed the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank with a mix of morbid curiosity and nerves. 
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Transparency is Essential to Recruiting Top Talent

Dental hiring isn’t as tough as it was during the height of the pandemic, but it’s still no picnic either. A big chunk of talent simply retired over the last three years — and hasn’t yet been fully replaced by up-and-comers.
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Your Dental Practice (Probably) Doesn’t Answer Phones the Way You Think It Does

Converting phone calls into scheduled appointments is an essential part of dental marketing. If your practice isn’t getting that right, you’re literally throwing away money.
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